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What Is Battery Sulfation?

As batteries are “cycled” through numerous charge and discharge sequences, particularly if the batteries are not charged fully, or are allowed to remain in a partially discharged stare for extended periods, the amorphous lead sulfate is converted to a very stable crystalline form. This process, called sulfation, is the primary cause of declining performance over time, and is ultimately the leading cause of battery failure.

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HD-1224 Desulfation Technology

Innovative Canadus Advanced Desulfation Technology can save thousands of dollars in battery replacement and electrical system maintenance costs, and can dramatically improve worker and equipment productivity. Canadus battery desulfators are made for a wide range of commercial and industrial lead-acid battery applications and markets worldwide.

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HD-1224 Applications


Heavy Trucks

Class 8 Trucks Starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries are the heart of any vehicle’s electrical system. A truck’s lead-acid battery supplies the power to the starter and ignition system to crank the engine, provides additional power when the electrical load exceeds the supply from the charging system, and acts…

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Emergency Vehicles

  Emergency vehicles, including equipment such as ambulances, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, emergency response units and police cars demand error-free running of on-board equipment such as computers, communications and sensitive electronic components. Typically, these vehicles are operated with the engine idling for long periods when responding to emergency calls. As…

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