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What is Sulfation?

As batteries are put through numerous charge and discharge cycles, the active lead sulfate is converted, over time, to a very stable crystalline form, and cannot be broken down and converted back to the original lead and sulfuric acid chemistry. This process is called “sulfation” and it is the primary cause of declining battery performance and failures.

All lead acid batteries work the same way regardless of type, size or voltage. Batteries generate electricity through a chemical reaction between the lead plates and sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction during battery discharge, shown below, also produces lead sulfate.

With time, larger and more dense crystals form, weakening the battery, until eventually it can no longer function. While batteries can fail for other reasons, sulfation is the root cause of approximately 80% of battery failures. Canadus HFBD technology dissolves crystalline lead sulfate, increasing battery life by 50-100% or more. The video below shows and explains the process of sulfation as well as how the Canadus HD-1224 desulfator/reconditioner works to return/keep your battery in peak operating condition.

HD-1224 Video

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