Trucking companies can realize significant savings in their operating costs by employing Canadus’ patented battery desulfation technology in all trucks and vehicles using starting-lighting-ignition (SLI) batteries. OEM’s can similarly benefit.

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By preventing and reversing sulfation, the number one cause of battery failure, Canadus battery desulfators keep truck batteries in peak condition. A healthy battery protects the entire electrical system, and results in the following benefits.

  • Alternators and alternator belts last longer
  • Starters last longer
  • Headlights and Sensitive Computer Systems last longer
  • Batteries last longer
  • By extending the life of key electrical system components with Canadus battery desulfators, fewer breakdowns occur, resulting in fewer towing charges, less downtime, and more productivity for the driver and truck. Customer data shows that costly emergency road repairs are reduced by over 75%.
  • As a result of these benefits, Canadus battery desulfators provide dramatically improved truck reliability, which will protect an OEM’s most important asset…its customer.
  • By reducing the failure rate of batteries, alternators, alternator belts, starters and headlights, warranty claims to the OEMs will also be sharply reduced.
  • Finally, a reliable truck will result in a reliable customer, and one who may be happy enough to share his experience with other truckers or trucking companies bringing lasting and improving sales to the OEM.