Exciting new research with Joel Morrow

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Joel Morrow, Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Drivers Testing & Consulting, will be working with us on testing out not only the HD-1224 but the new Canadus One System Battery Solution. This solution includes the patented HD-1224, a solar controller and 36W solar panel to ensure your battery is always ready to go when you need it.

“As many of you are aware, I’ve had a lot of success with the MerlinSolar + IdleFee Eapu installed on my Volvo and Mack test units. After chatting with the folks at Canadus I believe further battery optimization is possible. Over the next several weeks I will be working with the Canadus team to further optimize and refine the battery and electrical system performance of my Volvo and Mack test units …..stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks.👍💪✌️”

Joel has 30 years of proven commercial vehicle specifications, fuel economy, and operational expertise. We at Canadus could not be more excited to learn from Joel and hope to help him continue to reduce operational costs, increase fuel economy, and ensure reliability of vehicles.