Battery Solution

There are endless opportunities for incorporating solar panels and the advanced desulfation provided by the Canadus HD-1224 battery reconditioner. We at Canadus strive to create a complete solution that enables mission readiness and reliability at all times no matter how far off of the grid you are. Both the Canadus HD-1224 and the solar panels are designed and manufactured in the United States. 

Why Canadus

  • Flexible, Rugged, Lightweight, mono cSi PV modules.
  • Peel & Stick Modules easy to install
  • MST® Delivers 20% More Energy in real world conditions
  • MST® 80% Lighter than Glass
  • 50x More durable than BusBar
  • 2.5x Power Density vs. Thin-Film
  • Zero – Maintenance
  • Impressive ROI numbers, Customer Validated, with Thousands of Deployments in North America and Asia. 
  • Manufactured in the USA


Key Benefits

  • Enables ~8hrs of HVAC runtime with engine completely turned OFF.
  • Saves 5 gallons a day or ~$3000/year savings on fuel alone.
  • Great comfort for the troops
  • Great help for environment with no pollution during idling.
  • No jump start needed, a key concern for INL due to cold weather.

One-System Battery Solution Illustrated for Military Readiness


Due to the various potential applications, these solar units are built to suit the custom needs of any situation. They can be purchased in combination with or without the Canadus HD-1224. By adding the HD-1224 to the solar charging process we were able to increase effectiveness and longevity of batteries being charged by using our system.

To learn more about the Canadus Solar complete battery solution, please contact Canadus at or call us at 216-831-6600.