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Core Competencies

The Canadus Power Systems Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator is a patented electronic device that extends the life and improves the performance in all lead acid batteries, including AGM.

  • The Battery Reconditioner optimizes the designed battery chemistry by applying microsecond voltage pulses during charging needed to break own the naturally forming hardened lead sulfate crystals
  • May improve fuel efficiency (MPG) and therefore reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduces no-start incidents
  • Improves alternator performance
  • Extends battery life and service life of the electrical equipment
  • Reduces carbon emissions by minimizing replacement battery manufacturing

Past Performance

The Battery Reconditioner is OEM approved for Commercial Vehicle installation since 2015 and now standard or optional on the following brands:

  • Mack Trucks USA
  • Volvo Trucks North America, South America, Europe
  • Renault Trucks, Europe
  • Pierce Emergency Vehicles (Oshkosh USA)
  • Paccar USA

Pertinent Agreements: Global Purchasing Contract- Volvo Group Trucking OEM US/Europe/South America

Past Agreements: Global Purchasing Contract – Volvo Group Trucking OEM Europe/South America (2015 – 2018)


The patented Canadus Battery Reconditioner is small in size (45mm x 48mm x 17mm), light weight (60 grams) and embodies 15-years of research and testing

  • For use with both 12v or 24v vehicle electric systems
  • A single unit can be used with up to eight 12v lead acid or AGM batteries in parallel configuration
  • Made in USA (Ohio)
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
  • OEM Test Standards

Company Data

Canadus Power Systems is a leader of lead acid battery technology since 2001. Canadus is involved in many design features to extend battery life and communicate battery health in 12, 24, 36 and 48-volt systems. Canadus manufactures its products in the USA.

Specific Pertinent Codes

DUNS : 828801022
NAICS: 334419, 423120, 334515, 336212, 335312, 335912, 811490, 811118
Accept Credit Cards/ Purchase Cards: YES