A weak battery does not only cause no-starts, it also has a negative effect on the entire electrical system of your vehicle. This includes components such as the starter, alternator, lighting, and more. By maintaining a healthy battery you can prevent and extend the life of your vehicles overall electrical system. The diagram below illustrates the cycle that occurs every time you start your vehicle. 

The Canadus HD-1224 aims specifically to not only increase the life of your battery, but also to improve the perfomance and life of your vehicle. The patented HD-1224 has been proven to:

[tg_animate_bar percent=”25″ color=”#005fad”]Extend Starter Life by [/tg_animate_bar] [tg_animate_bar percent=”50″ color=”#005fad”]Extend Alternator Life by [/tg_animate_bar] [tg_animate_bar percent=”75″ color=”#005fad”]Reduce Downtime from Electrical System Failures by [/tg_animate_bar]

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