Canadus Power Systems, headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, produces the patented Canadus battery desulfators for a variety of lead-acid batteries including: motive power batteries to operate lift trucks, emergency vehicles, class-8 over-the-road trucks; construction and mining equipment, golf carts, electric vehicles, stationary power units; and marine batteries for commercial and recreational power and sail boats.
Canadus Power Systems’ ongoing research and development programs are geared towards;

  • Improving the understanding of how our innovative desulfators can further enhance the functioning of the entire electrical system,
  • Gathering and analyzing system information to provide useful predictive tools on component failures,
  • Optimizing the battery charging cycle through creative designs that take into consideration the numerous factors that affect how batteries receive and store energy under a variety of environmental conditions.

Canadus Power Systems is a division of Canadus Technologies, LLC (“CT”). CT businesses are dedicated to resource conservation and recovery, battery maintenance and conditioning, and the introduction and commercialization of innovative process and product technologies that are protective of human health and the environment.

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